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Hi Eric, how are you doing?
Correct, leave deep Color off.
Sony has a check list on the vouchers. It is tied to the serial number of your projector. If purchased from us and you do not have the voucher, send me an email, letting me know and include the serial number of your projector.
Note that this was done for 3D. I think 3D is a little more forgiving, than 2D.
Voucher should be in the plastic bag with all of the paper work.
Why do you ask. It certainly works. Are you talking fixed in place, manual slide or powered slide?
Sorry for your bad luck, but note that you do not see reports of lamp issues on the forum for JVC's models from last year and this year.
You are welcome.
We will learn more about 4K BD at CEDIA and CES.
What is the shipping weight?
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