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hi guys - have a small issue with my vsx-52. Ran full auto MCACC, and it continuously tells me that the left speaker is on reverse phase, when it is not. Is there anyway to resolve this? Is there any issue with moving forward with MCACC as is?
The besta is perfect IMO and I love the door options we ended up getting this one:My only complaint with the cabinet is that getting the door perfectly aligned is a pita.As for the wires I cut one large hole for the receiver (addressing the venting issue) and 3" ones for the ancillary components. Still need to clean up some wires in the back:Overall the cabinet is perfect, and with a price of ~$250 you can't really complain! My pc is separate so I dont have to worry...
...except for seats! Thank you all for your input / advice provided in various threads. Really happy with the outcome, and even happier that i came in below my budget with some great components. It was all purchased and installed by Starpower, which is one of the more popular places here in DFW. I am very happy with their service, flexibility, and work. 1. Epson 8350 - 1080p projector 2. Pioneer Elite VSX-52 7.1 Receiver 3. Klipsch RF-82 Towers 4. Klipsch RC-52...
ISF Calibration for $270 worth it vs. doing Art's 8350 Calibration?
yes, the process you identified seems identical to the PS3, and i was able to address that by sending the data as bitstream for the avr to decode. I am not able to find that feature (need to search more) on the PC, but at this point it seems like it is only coming out of the L and R speakers.
i have my pc hooked up to the receiver, and am running audio and video to it. From what i can tell i setup the pc to do 5.1 dolby, but I'm still getting the PCM logo on the receiver. It is definitely not putting out 5.1 Dolby. Any ideas? thx
thx, sorry. still learning!
after running MCACC, it seems my sub is not as loud as i would like. Is it alright for me to turn up the volume knob on the sub, or should i try something else first, like increasing the volume thru the manual MCACC? thanks
got the new sub. plugged everything in and ran advanced MCACC. wont recognize or power up the sub (dont see light on back of sub coming on in any color). I even went out and bought a new sub cable. HELP?EDIT: fuse was blown!
Thx Bud. I ended up ordering another sub (Lava LSP-12) which will be a definite upgrade from the Onkyo HTIB sub i have from 2008. I'd like to use the Onkyo sub in another room, so i will open it up and look around.Thanks!True, but now i have the digital bling on the front of the receiver!
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