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My Sony VPL-HW55ES did not come with any cable that you described. It only came with the USB charging cable for the glasses. There is no cable that adapts to the VESA connection in the box.
I am the proud owner of a new VPL-HW55ES. Absolutely loving the PQ. I understand that there is an optional upgrade to an RF transmitter and glasses for improved 3D. Has anyone tried that and if so, what was the experience? Looks like the transmitter model is a TMR-RF1 but I have had a really difficult time finding it available from any website including Sony. Is it available only in non-US markets?
Very sorry. Don't know how I missed something that obvious. Working too hard on other projects. Anyway thanks for clearing that up. Happy to see that I will not lose that capability with a 103.
It is unclear to me how the Oppo 103 outputs multi channel audio from SACDs and DVD-Audio discs. There are no analog outputs on the 103 like there are on the 105. Does the103 do some kind of conversion to allow multi channel through HDMI? I know the 103 can play discs in these formats but what does it do with the multi channel audio it reads?
Again thanks for the great discussion. The more I read both here and in reviews, the more I am leaning to the Sony. Probably the deciding factor for me, after PQ, is Epson's penchant for dust blobs. If you have experienced that like I have, it makes you want to seek out a unit without the problem. From what I can tell, the Sony projectors do not appear to be prone to that very annoying tendency, and there are enough reports to suggest that the Epsons do. Also, it does...
Thanks to all for those responses. I agree the Sony looks to be the better choice. The only thing I am a little surprised about is brighter 3D from the Sony. I thought reviewers were favoring Epsom on that. Epson's warranty replacement program will be missed since Sony will require sending a faulty unit in for repair but hopefully that won't come up.
I am trying to decide if the latest Sony VPL-HW50ES is worth the difference over the Epson 5020. I have a dedicated "cave" with no light issues. I presently own an Epson 8350. It is projected onto a 120" Carada Criterion 2.35:1 screen with a 1.0 gain. Although I keep the projector filter clean and it is not a dusty environment, I have had problems with dust getting into the prism or LCD panels. Epson was very good with their replacement policy. I purchased the...
Thanks for the good info. I'll watch Newegg and I may talk to Magnolia as well - I used to have a good contact there.
Where do you get such good discounts?
It is by definition a Denon problem, since the receiver will not properly decode the bitstream. What Denon support should have done was to not dismiss this problem but instead to actually assist me. If it truly is THX metadata that is at the root of the problem, you would think they might want to get all the info they could about that from their customers. Like it or not, it is Denon's problem whether they created it or THX did. They have the obligation to follow...
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