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No power lite comes on. is there a way to reset the chrome cast dongle? I don't know if it is defective or I have not figured out how to start it. It does not power up when plugged in to HDMI. Suggestions?
How'd mciaglia, I have been watching the posts on these ape subjects as I am in the middle of this right now. I'm hoping it works like I want. I will share my experience.I have a drobo fs on my network and could not do what I wanted functionality nor performance wise. I added a Drobo 5N just recently with the msata to help performance. (and it does with iTunes and iPhoto).I now use the latest pled media server and so far I am happy, but I am not finished. I am right in the...
Actually I am getting ready to set it up so I will do it this weekend. Now I am taking apart my older denon and labeling everything.
I'm assuming there are parameters on a menu for setting the port to "fixed"?
Thank you for the input. I will see how it goes. I got a good deal and am installing this weekend. Cheers
it sounds like you don't like the integra 40.4? Is there a way on the integra to bal and EQ the speakers?
Does anyone have experience with Integra dtr40.4 v Denon's avr3313? trying to make a decision
I'm sure this question has been asked for different equipment, but I am trying to solve this problem to make my sweet wife happy. I have a new AV receiver happly, the Integra DTR-40,4 and I want to take the stereo output from the AVR as a source into the Nuvo, so that the source music plays on the Integra connected speakers in the living room AND into the Nuvo's output zones. I have outputs (preout) for the front channel; and zone 2&3 outputs (pre/line). Can I use the...
I have a Nuvo Essentia EG6 which I am very happy with. I want to integrate my music libraries from my PC. The current music porthardware is fancy and nice but is VERY expensive. I found a older technology, the NV-MP music port, that might do 'just' what I am looking for and not a bit more! IS THIS WORTH BUYING at a decent price? thanks
Hi, I have a e4200 Linksys upstairs and the range in parts of house is weak weak. I need more access points and also want to use the dual band from the primary router. Can I add another router downstairs via another cat5 and make it act as access point? What are options?
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