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Are there any DVD recorders that will record in widescreen? I've had a few and even when set to 16:9, they still record in 4:3...then present in letterbox! (Very frustrating.)
I have DVRs from Time Warner and DirecTV. All are high def, of course, but I just want to get the best quality I can. I believe they all have composite outputs; that's what we have on the DVD recorder. I realize HDCP would interfere with using HDMI output so I'm guessing composite is the only option.
I'm not really looking to record it live, I figure on hooking to my existing DVRs. It's more a way to replace the DVDs.
Because the Slingbox is an expensive toy and impractical for four TVs. I'm looking for the ability to keep copies; just like on DVD. There are times I won't get to watch a TV series until after the season ends, and I like to keep copies of old cartoons. (Yeah...kid at heart....)
I've found the features on the new boxes adequate to task, although the strengths of one tend to be weak in another. I think the HD DVR/PVR units are probably closest. I guess since there such a live community out there, I'll make my contribution by selling my two boxes and one remote. Just need to figure out their value. They both work perfectly well. Better to give them to an aficionado than keep them on my spare/old equipment shelves.... Can anyone tell me...
We regularly record to the DVR then occasionally record to a DVD for personal use. This seems old school now though, with PCs, iPods and DLNA. The obvious answer is to rip my home made DVDs to AVI files, but I want to eliminate the middle step. Is there a way to get decent quality recordings straight to the PC? I'm not looking to pirate here - I'm talking about being able to make personal recordings of TV shows that I can view over DLNA or on my iPod/iPad.
I came on the forums looking for PC recording solutions and saw the UTV forum. Hands down one of our favorite DVR solutions over the years. I still have two RCA units (only one remote) that I haven't use in a year. Nothing wrong with them...do they ave any value?
New Posts  All Forums: