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Thanks Ted and Alex Ted > I'm waiting your feedback on the Convergent forum (nickname: Adhara) for the order (LSCMS HCC). Alex > My HTPC is connected to my 2041 only for Darbee and 4K/24p upscale. Regards
Hi, I'm interesting in buying LightSpace HCL but it's hard to find an "how to". My hardware: Sony Led TV / Lumagen 2041 / ID3 Pro (OEM) / HTPC with MadVr (and a laptop if needed). Lumagen input: RGB 444 Lumagen Output : ycbcr 422 As far as I know , I can use either the HTPC or the Lumagen for the calibration process. As far as I know, best is to calibrate the entire video chain (from htpc to the display). So what does that mean ? Do I have to install LSCMS HCL on the...
I find the combo Mini-X + Sub attractive. It brings to mind JBL Array speakers. It is crucial to have a large woofer (fort bass extension), whatever the speaker (deep and tight bass from 20Hz to 40 Hz). Except Be-10 & Be-20 models, this combo is the only from the brand to make this possible.
Hey guys, For those who have already listened to the PSB S1, what others speakers did you compare? Usher, ... I'm interested by all your feedback. I own PSB S1 & S1 center and would like to see if I should change them (for an upgrade). OIther brands I'm looking at : Focal, Usher, JBL (not B&W ). Thx
Mini-X + it's own sub should give something amazing !! Or double Mini-X + double sub
Hi, Model : Audiocontrol Pantages G3 First hand MSRP: 3300 € Bought in France (Lyon) 05/24/2012 5y of warranty Preserved original packaging / documentation invoice available Description: Five Channel Home Theater Amplifier Outputs 230 Watts per Channel into 8 ohm Stable into low impedances Unparalleled Energy Efficiency High Definition BiMOS Outputs Cool Running Class H Operation LightDrive Anti-Clipping Protection Circuitry High Current Gold Output Terminals 5-way...
Hi , I didn't find anything of interesting (performance, price, flexibility) which can replace the Trinnov unit. So I really think to keep it (for now). Despite the fact that I have had 3 good proposals (1 very good)... A Trinnov MC is so flexible and impressive compared to what I've seen elsewhere (Datasat/Dirac, ARC, manual FIR Eq, ...). Regards.
I missed an important thing. The Trinnov unit is under warranty till March 2013.
Not in Paris but near Lyon. I d'ont know for US voltage, I've to ask this to Trinnov. Anyway, a simple EU-to-US voltage transformer will work perfectly (and it's really no expensive).
Thanks Sakuma. A Trinnov unit will transcend any audio installation by eliminating first reflections and any ear fatigue. You can design and store (in a preset) your owns target curves, according to your preferences (Movies, 2 ch stereo, high/low volume, ...). The unit is fully controllable via VNC (from an android, apple or windows tablet / computer) or via a remote command (IR receiver is an option not include here (can be purchased afterwards)). The Optimizer is a...
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