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Do any of these units connect directly to iphone? I mean do they bypass the Iphone's built in DAC?
I asked that question myself... The reason is really two fold... 1- most turntable companies are small and as such they don't have the resources to implement the needed electronics. They rather focus on better SQ than convience. 2- most high quality turntables use minimal cart force so the records last a long time... An automatic mechanism, does easily allow such small tracking force.
If I were you; I would get audio technica LP-60 if I just want basic no frills turntable. If you want something nicer, then consider the denon turntable which retails for $300... I believe that this model has upgradable cartilage. Or get the project III or rega p1 for little more money.
I will try to state the obvious differences between them...Belt drive-- a motor moves pulley which in turn moves another pulley on the plater.. The main advantages are lower cost motors... Lighter weight... Lastly more accurate speed changes between 45/33. Because the motor speed is constant and belt is moved to different pulley like rega. The belt also shields the platter from motor vibrations. The main disadvantage--- belts tend to wear out and need to be replaced. Belts...
I would seriously consider ED cinema series 12. I have them as my front stage and they are phenomenal. They are the best sounding speaker that I heard under $1500 a pair. They are also very efficient and can put out lots of output. They aren't harsh or very directional speakers and will fill your room nicely. Plz consider them.
I would reccomend that give grado cartilages a shot. I have their green line and it is very nice sounding...
Horaay to the spirit of the DIY community.
I would be interested in such a thing. I think you will need the designers approval.
How about the stentorians and sten by curt Campbell. They can be your mains and surrounds... Receiver-- I really like marantz 5006 Subwoofer-- I would consider many designs available on that use dual 12 or 15" drivers with 500w plate amp.
I would think that you would need circular saw for straight cuts. I would also not forget wires, foot posts, paint, brushes. Etc
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