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The 55" LB7200 is still edge-lit with local dimming,but 60" and up seem to be direct. This may be a way for them to have better uniformity in the larger panels.
Just saw the retail packaging for the W830B,man that is a big box. Almost 18" deep and about 6 1/2' long,so come prepared to haul.
I have narrowed down my 2014 TV's to the 60" SQ, 55" P-series Vizio, Toshiba 55" L7400U and Sony W800B. The FALD on the Toshiba and Vizio (4K) being a huge draw, but Sharp's technology (Quattron/Q+) and Sony's superior picture processing have me leaning them.
I know that some say they can feel lag at anything more than 16ms, but I have gamed on everything from last gen Sony CRT XBR910 to an ST60 (one of the worse rated plasma for lag) and anything below 100ms is generally imperceptible to the average gamer. I don't play many online FPS, but if you are a console gamer the PS3 and 360 have inherent lag. I could see if it were 40ms TV, 40ms system lag and bad network connection adding. I have even gamed on an F8500 which if I...
Even so the difference between direct-lit vs full array are huge. Full array will be spread across the screen in a grid pattern offering better control over dimming zones. In the case of direct-lit it is more akin to old CCFL lit display with a zig zag pattern either horizontally or vertically. Direct-lit with dimming would probably offer better uniformity, but the local dimming would be as effective as the edge lit, because it would still likely dim in columns. The use of...
The P-series maxes out at 70",so if you intend on an 80" 4K Sharp may be your only option. Sharp has also been very mum on 4k display releases this year and you may very well be waiting until fall for them as well.
Keep an eye on Hisense as well, they are offering what seems like higher quality (from a design stands point) for the dollar as well. I has last years non-smart TCL 50" 4K which can be had for well under $1000. Good set if you are looking for a 4k monitor and don't mind 4k @ 30hz(FPS).
I had 55" version. If it is labeled LED backlight that doesn't mean direct lit or full array. LG from my understanding only offered direct lit in the 5000 series from 2013, everything else was edge.http://www.cnet.com/products/lg-60la7400/
I was not impressed with the LA7400 when I had it, I felt in anything other than a sun drenched room this set faltered. Image depth in 2D was very flat,black were noticeably gray and if you game (even in game mode) this display felt sluggish. The set offers LED+ LG's local dimming, but is some of the worst implementation I have seen. The set has 12 zones aligned across the bottom of the display and on anything other than low you see columns if light vertical with scene...
Outside of the M-Series Vizio and F6800 the only other TV that impressed (that I have owned) was a 50" 4K TCL. The TV while almost certainly built to be a monitor was quite stunning. The scaler worked really well making any movie game I threw at uber detailed. It main issues were lack of adjustment for the picture and finicky settings. Every time you would exit an app the advanced menu setting would reset,so you have continuously reset them. It also lack optical out, so I...
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