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Hey guys still got my AS-R1.2's let me know if your interested
Okay i took out the screws on the front which are the only screws, and the woofer seems like it has a seal and I was wondering if I should try to force of the woofer, like it is stuck on there real good
I have a pair of cheap Dayton BR-1 6-1/2" 2-Way Bookshelf Monitors plugged into a cheap Sherwood Receiver just so I can mess around mixing some sounds with a Kaossilator Pro I have, and I mounted them on my wall above my desk, which is about 4 feet and while I had them turned up pretty loud, one shook off of the wall and landed face down on my desk. Now it doesn't work right there is no sound coming fromm the bottom speaker and limited sound from the top. I am not very...
I have a pair of Bipole speakers that I am looking to get rid of. They are Athena AS-R1.2's PM me if interested, they are still new in the box.
Hey guys I got a pair of AS-R1.2's still brand new in the box and I was wondering if anyone was interested in purchasing them thanks I got them from a friend and I have no home theater setup so i can't use them please let me know.
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