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I am selling my Sony SLV -M20HF VCR with all my VHS Tapes. VHS Collection James Bond Box Set Black Hole Highlander Masters of the Universe The Endless Summer 2001 A space Odyssey Sony VCR comes with the original box, paperwork, cables and remote. Please see pictures for details or email me with any specific questions.
I am selling my Denon DVD-3800. Comes with remote, original box and all original paperwork. See the pictures for details or email me with any questions. Product Description Progressive Scan DVD-Audio/Video Player • Powered by the latest Silicon Image/DVDO PureProgressive (SiI504) Decoding Engine - highest quality progressive decoding engine available • PureProgressive decoding features high speed ultra-resolution DSP at 6 Billion Operations Per Second (6 GOPS)with 64Mb...
Everything looks fine. I can't see anything wrong with it!!! My thoughts are to wait. Hold off until it goes and then look at where the market is at then.
I'm a little confused!! I sent my epson 1080 UB to the shop as after a bulb change there was a horizontal line crossing the centre of the image. The shop told me that the optical engine needed to be replaced and that would cost $1400. I said no and have been looking into replacing it. Upon its return to me I fired it up and there is now no line whats so ever! My guess is that whatever was causing the line was fixed when they took the 1080UB apart to diagnose it. Excuse the...
Ok so I can get the 8700 UD for 1999 w/ free bulb and 2 year warranty. I can pick up an 8350 for $900 with 2 year warranty. Thoughts? Im leaning towards the 8350 with a potential upgrade in a couple years. Ben
Yeah I just realized that i can pick up an 8350 for $900 and quite possibly get an 8700 ub for $1400. I'll find out the details tomorrow. As much as I like the look of the 5010 I would rather wait until the bugs get worked out. At that price which one would you buy. LOL! Ben
Well I have to admit I have never seen a 3d movie at home so I don't know wether I'd like it or not. I don't really have $2000 to blow on anything LOL! I just want to replace my 1080 UB which I was very happy with. Thought it would have lasted at least 6 years. Replacing a projector every 3 years isn't really something I can justify. When researching projectors before my initial purchase I read a lot about Panasonic vs Epson and to be honest I went with Epson due to...
3d isn't really my thing .... I always walk out of the theatre with a headache. My Budget is $2000 which is why i've been looking at the 8350 and 8700, I've even been reading up some reviews on the Panasonic but feel like Epson's warranty and customer service is better. I do like the look of the 5010 though! Ben
Thanks .... now all evening I've been reading reviews on both Epson 8350 and the 8700 UB. My current setup is in a basement but the walls are white and I don't have a screen yet. With the lights out there isn't much ambient light so the the blacker blacks sounds more appealing as does the THX mode. THe extra year of warranty and the extra bulb offering doesn't hurt either! So I'm leaning in that direction but deep down I'm not sure If I'll notice the difference. Ben
I recently changed a bulb in my Epson 1080 UB projector. Like others before me I noticed a vertical line that crossed the centre of the picture. I called Epson, they recommend some repair shops as my unit is 1 year out of warranty. The repair shop got back to me and said it's the and would cost me aprox $1400 and believe it's the optical motor. After a little researched I realized I could purchase an 8700 UB for $2000 with 2 year warranty and a extra bulb. Seems a...
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