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That settles it. No update for me then Have left the windows universe decades ago...
I want to know, was the music tracks the real thing?? The real good old 70 ies songs, not some remixed, reworked rewritten music of today, made available by the artists/ record companies to the movie producers?? This is important to know for me:-) I was 22 at this time the movie was supposed to happen. I do like to know I once knew all these songs, they were the foundation of my adulthood, at the time we lelft home, made babies, built a home, got a job, got a life, these...
---- and how does this upgrade play out on a macbook pro ?? Well, I do live happily ever after on 1.05 no plan to upgrade at all esp. now with a perfect adjusted darbee, I have a movie experience just as in them movie theater, happy !
Thoots: you have an Ipad right? Then I could walk you through this ....
I know all there is to know about All is lost. Crossing an big ocean is just what I fancied in my youth some five yrs ago. Well no ocean, but icy mountains, which is exactly as deadly as an ocean, might be even more painful, you suffer a long and slow death in the mountains. That was why Robert R killed that movie, that old star of Great Gatsby, didnt even have the sailor and as I watched the movie, he indeed didnt play as one, and he just about broke every rule in the...
Of these, the Gravity movie is a no brainer. Still waiting for my bluray disc, I just watched a vudu rental in HD. So massive and engulfing home theater experience I not often hear. Really look forward to the bluray, guess I have a lot of subtle details in the soundtrack to look forward to! Hobbit was kind of disappointing. I really look forward to the second part of that saga
Yepp. I dont plan to use blu. Only wifi.
Jawbone?? OK, will look into that. Why not Sonos p:1 or some of the Bose speakers?
I dont own any yet ;-)I just want some music in the morning in my kitchen, thats all. I was looking at a Sonos play:1 and/or a pair of Audio Pro addon T8I do have that Sonos connect box.But I should really love to have a wireless connection speakers - Yamaha 2030.Any kind of speaker wires is not wanted on my kitchen :-)
I have a pair of bluetooth speakers, active speakers, How do I connect them to my Yamaha 2030 ??
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