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I suppose I'd have to agree. I think that MS is basically signaling the marketplace that this is not a business they want to be in. The good news is that MS has not pulled the plug on WMC yet so there seems to be a window here for another company to step in and develop a replacement before MS kills WMC (if ever).
I would think that all OEMs would have a hard time selling a cablecard tuner (pci or network attached) if there was no DVR s/w that would allow for recording encrypted content. The fact that the s/w capability existed before the h/w was ever released would lead me to believe that if WMC was killed that the market for cablecard tuners would collapse.
Well my kids go through spurts where they will watch the same movie over and over for a week or so. Then they move on to the next movie and repeat. Eventually, like maybe a year later, they'll come full circle and repeat the whole process over again. I normally don't watch a movie more than once unless it is a real classic.
I wonder if MS would sell the rights to WMC to Ceton or Hauppage? If they did offer to sell WMC it would most likely be prohibitively expensive but I suppose it is at least possible.
No, it's still $.09/kwh. You may want to reread his post. (Hint - he's not using the system 24/7)
Interesting, you previously came across as pretty hardcore MB, why the switch? I have tried MB several times over the past few years and I always find myself going back to XBMC. I was always left wondering if I was missing something since so many people praised MB but I still find XBMC to be superior (for my needs at least).
I am aware of that. I'm not trying to argue that one chip is better than the other but instead just pointing out the price and availability need to be considered when doing a comparison.For me personally I don't really care which one has the better benchmark or highest performance becuase both solutions are more than enough for what I need in my HTPC. So in that case it's just a matter of which one is the cheapest. That's why I have a SB pentium in my HTPC now - because it...
You have a very good point. Also, IMO comparing an in-store only price to an online price is not a fair comparison either. A very large segment of the population cannot get that price because they do not live near a Micro Center whereas everyone in the US can get the online price.
No, I knew exactly what you meant. Sure the CPU is powerful enough but if you're putting it in a SFF case then you need to consider the extra heat that the CPU is going to be generating. I'd bet that the vast majority of HTPC users are using the iGPU to handle their video and not using the brute force method with their CPU. Which means that the performance of the iGPU is something worth looking at.
If you are using a SFF case then that means you'll likely be relying on the iGPU because there isn't room for a discrete GPU.
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