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I'm just pointing that they have different MSRP on their site which was not there a couple of days ago.yet,it's still high @ $7,998.00
XBR-65X950B, 65" flat 4K WCG FALD LED/LCD, $9000 MSRP http://store.sony.com/65-class-diag-x950b-flagship-4k-ultra-hd-tv-zid27-XBR65X950B/cat-27-catid-Collections-CES-2014-TVs
it's not a FALD.XBR-79X900B is an Edge LED
but,the built quality is different.
will see if a fan will suit that,as for my friend it's 330gb hard drive.thanks
OK,it took me time to get it+I was waiting for one of my friends who ordered a native 4k material (timescapes).the u.tube play's fine with no problems,but the uncompressed 4k when played there is a clear video staggering from time to time,have no idea whither it's codec related or the graphics card?but when playing it,you could easily hear the fan starting to be very noisy.if you have any idea of converting it to a more friendly format without sacrificing the...
^^^ same thing here
Anyone of you guys noticed any changes after the new firmware update? for me didn't notice anything at all,though haven't looked at it for enough time. it's available using the auto-update in your TV,not online yet.
sure,will let you know as soon as I get it,though it will take time as it's back-order+it take's time for shipping as I'm not in the US.
I'm going for this:http://www.gigabyte.com/products/product-page.aspx?pid=4888#ovall you need is ssd+ramit will play native 4k
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