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I guess this not for media players,it's for STB,IPTV...
first let me say that my comment was related to a quote that's in it self related to a question regarding both displays (la9700 and f8500 ),and it was solely based on my experience with both sets. there are factors that contributed to my opinion,and they are:price tag. value vs quality and expectations. the lg as it's full-array should have a better color uniformity,better contrast and better black levels,not necessarily as the f8500 as they are different panels,but should...
I have the 65la9700coming from the pn64f8500 which is by far a better display,for me it's like day and night,at least this is what I believe based on my experience with both set.I was motivated by the the full-array,but,it's a disappointing experience for me as a lg first time users.
this is all estimations,but,if it come's in the range of 3500-4500+it receive's a very good and reliable reviews,then I'll go for it,I'm a little disappointed with my 65la9700.as i came from 64f8500,which is by far a better set.
it's showing in full screen,I'm just referring to the quality,you can't distinguish a native 1080p from upscaled one.
thanksfor me it's like no upscaling at all.
might be a stupid question,but is the up-scaling specific to a certain hdmi port,or it work's with all ports?
maybe we should ask someone from here to ask them!http://www.avsforum.com/f/286/latest-industry-news
^^^ Thanks,will try to play with the backlight and see what I get. appreciate sharing your sitting,will be waiting.
Just received my set today,though I didn't have enough time, yet the slightly off angle viewing is looking terrible for me. remember this is only an initial thought .
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