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^^^^ thanks this is a link to each and every Samsung regional sites,I been searching for days,the higher ver. you can get is 1105.2 so where did my TV get 1107 from?the problem it's now prompting me to update to 1108? http://www.samsung.com/GlobalLinks/globallinks04.htm
can anyone,please try the firmware auto-update in the menu and tell me what version he gets?,thanks
did you try the new truedepth 144hz,they are available direct from truedepth.I my self bought 4 pairs,2 of them are the new universal tv glasses,which I have tried with Samsung es series.and they worked perfect,the other 2,which is of interest for you are the dlp ones,I didn't try them as I'm yet to make my decision on which projector to get.I may try the new optoma hd25e.
That was the ver.xxx46 I mentioned earlier,it was there for 1 day.what's driving me crazy is,that no firmware with number 1107 anywhere in the world,not for plasma,nor for led,the higher you can get is 1105.2 ?so I guess I'm the only lucky victim(curiosity killed the cat),anyway no harm don as far as I can tell.
ok,let's assume that this is the case,though it's not true,as us-based unit won't auto update with anon-us firmware(only smart apps will do according to your ip).no Samsung regional site has a higher build than the ver.1105,you can check this out your self,so where did this 1107 came from?
nothing other than that this update was available for a short time,and Samsung quickly removed that one,it happened beforemaybe it's the same thing with wrong number.Samsung may give a more reasonable explanation than they did with me.all I wanted you to know that you can't update a unit designed for the us market with a firmware that was intended for a non-us market.I'm not trying to say that my unit is more advanced,I'm just like you looking for good explanation.
as I said earlier,I my self have had a us units for the last 6-7 years,I can confirm that these units will not accept a firmware update other than the us ones,I'm talking out of personal experience.
he is hinting at 1104,not the 1107no,geographic location does not have anything to do with it,as the updates are unique to a specific hardware and sofware,as mentioned earlier,you can't update a Euro version with a us firmware,it won't accept it,as simple as that.
hi guys,this is a print out from my chat with Samsung us Please wait for a Samsung Agent to respond. You are now chatting with 'Harry'. There will be a brief survey at the end of our chat to share feedback on my performance today. Your Issue ID for this chat is LTK111790364039X Harry: Hi, thanks for reaching out to Samsung tech support. How can I help you today? Visitor: Hi Harry: Hi. How may I assist you today? Visitor: I used the auto update for my pd64 and got the...
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