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you need to download TsMuxer. This is a free download and will tell you immediately if there are any bad sectors. I assume that you are going to use Slysoft to make the ISO's. Expensive, but worth every penny. I live in Hawaii, and I am guessing that the humidity has initiated a fungus that has separated the two layers since the playback stops abruptly at about this predicted time. Once having made an ISO on a RE disc, check it out for pixellation or just an...
The only one of the 4 that I have seen is 'Troy'. The quality of resolution, in my humble opinion, is that the HD DVD is much better than the BRD. Stuart
This is not a problem limited to Warner, it is a problem shared by all HD DVD's as well as the oldest versions of DVD's. I posted photos of the degenerated discs on this thread many months ago showing the plaques and dispersed 'freckles' that are clearly visible under a tungsten light source. These discs have continued to worsen since then. I probably have the best A/V set-up on the planet (maybe) with a 9' wide Stewart screen and this magnification amplifies any...
I agree 100% Stuart P.S Now tell me why my HD DVD's are 'Rotting"
"the only way to tell if you have a 100% readable disc is to read it 100%" Not true, I was able to play a copy to 'The Goodfellas' and having seen it before I got the impression that something in the movie had been cut. The length to the movie was 140 Mins and should have been 146 Mins if memory serves. In other words a sector had been skipped. Stuart
No, you load the disc, run the program then add the EVO file. If sectors are bad it tells you so immediately. However, you do need AnyDVD HD program to de-cryp the disc (which it does in about 3 seconds) before you can use tsmuxer.Stuart
The disc is one of the many non-working copies I have of The Phantom of the Opera. .tsMuxer is just a quick and dirty way, although I have found it to be quite reliable. Stuart
Reading this forum it becomes reasonably clear that there are multiple reasons why some HD DVD's play and others do not. It may be that using a mediocre player with a bad disc, the player may not show an error message skip the bad sectors and play only a portion of the movie. This can be checked by looking at the back of the box seeing how long the movie should be and correlating this with the actual time the player used on the LED screen. Presently, the first thing I do...
All I can say is that you guys have been lucky, but I'll bet you a 'penny for a pound' that sooner or later you will start to see these changes. Stuart
1. Deliverance x 3 copies 2. Goodfellas x 3 3. Lethal Weapon 2 x 2 4. Meet the Parents x 1 5. Swordfish x 1 6. The Fugitive x 1 7. The Perfect Storm x 4 8. The Phantom of the Opera x 2 9. The Shining x 2 10. The Thing x 1 All of the above either show the 'Lesions' and some will play in part, however, the remainder lock the XA2 and then to get the disc out I have to do a hard re-set and press open. These disc replicate the same issues on a 360Box, tsMuxer and...
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