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I'm not nearly as much as an audiophile as you guys are, but I have the C21 with the FS-52's and I can't hear any mismatch. Is there something I should be listening out for?
I'm also running P16 firmware on Windows Server 2012 R2 Datacenter with Update 1 (it's a VM with the M1015 passed-through though) and I have never run into this issue. Running Driver Very odd...
Looks like it, sorry to burst your bubble This guy works for Ceton and that's what he says: http://www.thegreenbutton.tv/forums/viewtopic.php?f=68&t=7281&p=74177#p74177
IIRC, you have to press the "Disable EAS Forwarding" button every time the card boots up, which I think is on restart and coming back from sleep
Are you saying the M1015 had trouble being recognized after you installed the "Update 1" for Server 2012 R2?
Yeah, the 6CC-3x2 been discontinued for quite a while. The true 6-tuner Prime is supposed to come out "early Q2 2014" which should be any day now...we'll see...
Bad hard drives are sometimes the culprit for partial recordings, but the error message is usually "Weak signal", not "Service was unavailable" (I think, I may be wrong). Last week, I put in a new recording hard drive and I got a whole ton of partial recordings. It turned out the SATA cable was bad.
Have you tried a different recording drive?
Haha I don't personally believe it, I'm just regurgitating what the BackBlaze CTO told me himself
Hopefully I don't open a can of worms here... I just talked to the BackBlaze CTO at Macworld about their hard drive reliability study, I asked about the Seagate numbers...maybe we've already hashed this out anyway but here goes They only had issues with I think the 2TB drives (or at least only one particular model if it wasn't the 2TB drives). Seagates 3 and 4 TB drives are solid. They tried and couldn't use WD Green drives, they would keep dropping out and needing to...
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