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Hi AVS folks, I wanted to ask for your help in choosing some better sound for a bedroom TV. We've got a small, but perfectly functional, HDTV in the bedroom: LG 26LE5300. It's 720P, but we don't need anything fancy there and it does the trick. Unfortunately, it has terrible sound. To the point where even when watching a TV shown like Game of Thrones, the theme song sounds bad enough that it bugs me, and I'm not really an audiophile. So I've been looking to add a good set...
Pictures are attached. I'll take a look at the other threads. You can see the Monitor 40s by the side of the TV stand. Unfortunately we can't really tilt them like the TV is tilted. We could tilt a center speaker if we were to get it an put it under the TV, though. Is almost all the dialog put through the center channel only for 5.1 audio tracks, or for everything?
I have recently put together the following system, and would like to ask for some advice on it. The specs are as follows: LG 47LV550 TV Onkyo TX NR509 Reveiver 2 x Polk Monitor 40 Left / Right Channel Polk PSW10 Subwoofer Music sounds great, and so do effects or sounds in movies, but I have noticed it is often quite difficult to make out the dialog. Sometimes, turning up the volume helps, but that wakes up the neighbors One thing to note about this system is that...
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