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The architectural details are great. I really like the overall look.
Thanks for sharing your build. Very nicely done. I think u got a big bang for your buck compared to the prices I am seeing for similar work in Florida
I am also considering a FOSI star ceiling Looking for feedback from members who have purchased Looking at a 8x10 size using two of the standard 4x10 panels
Thanks for the suggestions. Yes, Elite is running a sale on the C1 models. Was able to get the curved double love seat OO|OO at 115" at a discount.
I am in the processing of buying components for my home theatre I did not think that finding appropriate seating would be so tricky I looking for 4 seats--love seat in the middle, left and right on the ends. Want the length of the set not to exceed 130" I saw a curved wedged double love seat combo at 115" at elite hts that could also work and they quoted me 18k which is way out of budget I need a high quality option in the 4-6k range It seems like there are super...
I live in Florida. My Costco had a few 70 inch 733 models along with the "new" 70 inch 632 models. The 733 had a $400 off rebate. I bought this model as it had the aquamotion 240 feature. It ends up being about $100 more expensive than then 632 with the rebate applied. Around $2200 which is a great price given the size. 3D capability was not important to me. Overall this a great tv. It can be easy to over think these purchases. Size is awesome. Main initial observation is...
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