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yes its still in the box!
Jeff's here! stars going up!
Jeff from Night Sky Murals is coming to my house today! I know its been a while since I've posted on here. Later ill put up some pics of things Ive done. Tony and I built the acoustic treatment for the ceiling and designed it to match the room, and look like a window. I havent finished the trim yet to make it look like a window. I needs to be painted first. But im excited for how its going to look. Ill get some more updates and photos later
Thanks! Its definitely nice being able to finally use it
I just got back from Hawaii after a few weeks. We ordered the maywhether fight, amazing in the theater! Tomorrow is my first Sunday of football in it then back to work on it. I'm so pumped for tomorrow! GO SKINS!
I got the rest of the philips hue light strips last night. One is bad, the red leds dont work so you cant produce any color accurately and if you select red theres just no light. But when I pick blue the room looks awesome! A lighted soffit is a must in a theater!
Hey scott, another question. Im ready to setup the control of my cineslide and projector. I was originally planning on sending an IR signal to the cineslide. However, I was reading the Runco manual tonight and with the triggers on that it can send a signal to the cineslide and then i would only need to program the projector to switch from 1:78 to Cinema mode and it will then automatically move the cineslide. Is this a better way of doing it? Though I'm not sure if that...
If I hook up a itach to send serial singles and use my roomie app, can I get feedback? Specifically in this case receive hours back?
I wanted to be able to control colors too so thats why I went with these.And when I did my design. I really liked the idea of having only one switch in my room. A master switch thats required by code. But all the lights are individually controllable without the extra dimmers, switches, etc. So yea it sucked paying 59 each for bulbs but I figure what I saved in switches, dimmers, wiring, etc, well i probably still spent more but I like them lol. I really like the colors....
I just called Runco, they confirmed the only way is through the serial port. They noted that theres no lamp, so its just total hours on the projector and why they removed it from the menu. But since my intent was just to know total hours ive enjoyed it, and how many were on it when I got it, id like to know... is there an easy way to hook it up to the serial port?
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