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If anyone is a TwiT TV fan, an app just got added for FireTV. 99c
No you could use NFS if you wanted. But you have to connect to a network share in order to access the files. XMBC also has some support for AFS .. but not had much luck with that. Need to keep fiddling with it.
I've got a Denon 4311 and the upscaling and de-interlacing capabilities are pretty awful.
I think you may find DVD 24fps playback more trouble than it's worth.
We'll cnet on the roku is a pretty horrible experience with often crappy SD video, a complete random mess of content with things from 2013 randomly showing up and the icing on the cake ..... forced ads on a lot of content. No thanks. Better off using XBMC with the cnet app or just subscribe to the podcasts
Although you highlight some new releases being the same price, there are still plenty of other new release titles that are a $1 cheaper either on amazon or iTunes for a 1080p version. Certainly is the case, VUDU is never cheaper than the other online stores unless it falls into their 99c special for one day only. Not too many new releases however end up at 99cI was a big supporter for VUDU in the early days. iTunes was still at 720p and amazon wasn't really a option as...
Tv side view is complete junk. Search doesn't work properly.
It's a adaptive stream, so you're not required to have a steady 10mbps connection. I think you would be very impressed with the quality of video from amazon prime/instant on the FireTv. Time has moved on and if anything VUDU is just a complete scam these days to get you to pay a extra $1 to watch a 1080p movie. Go and get it on amazon or iTunes instead.
I think its very possible that amazon will improve the categorization and search capabilities for prime content ... infact they probably could do that, without even pushing a firmware update as these are all just web services. Similar the way that Apple can add a new "channel"/"App" to the ATV without having to update the devices firmware.Many think this its just some kind of conspiracy to trick people into buying content, but i dont really see that .... at the end of the...
You can put it in "sleep mode" ... or it goes to sleep itself. Sleep isn't "off" though.
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