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I had the TV connected to an Apple Time Capsule which was behind my 2Wire AT&T gateway. I connected it straight to the 2Wire and that seems to have fixed it! I wouldn't have thought of it being a network issue, so thanks for leading me the right way!
No it is wired. At least I have hope that it will get better now! Do you have MotionFlow and all of the other enhancement settings off, or if not what are your settings? Mine (that I think may be relevant) are: Noise Reduction: off MPEG noise reduction: off Dot Noise reduction: off Reality Creation: Off Motionflow: Clear Plus CineMotion: Auto 2 Motionflow set to Clear Plus helps it the most, but the image is dark and washed out when I turn it on, and it doesn't make...
Does anyone have issues with Hulu? Even with a 12 mb connection 720p videos have jitter issues when panning or with lots of movement. What are the best settings? I have an hx820.
Does any watch Hulu on a Sony hx820 tv? I have a 12 mbit connection. Video is a bit jumpy, for instance when panning from left to right it bounces backwards every few frames. If I set clear plus it seems better but then pq is darker, and it still isn't real smooth. Anyone have good settings for Hulu?
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