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Bakersfield folks you are up for the update tonight - you know the drill....the update may take up to 45 minutes and during this time your box will reboot multiple times...please do not interrupt the update process with reboots etc....
There isn't a big secret. We will announce when the channels are available on our system. You folks made an assumption you should not have made. Just because TWC does something doesn't mean we will. We are two entirely different companies and the sooner you realize that the better.
It will not be tomorrow. I will notify you when the channel becomes available on our system.
All in Pinellas and Manatee county - your update will occur tonight between midnight and 6am. Reminder to everyone in these areas do not interrupt the process please. Your box will reboot a couple of times and the duration of the update is about 45 minutes.
Orlando is updating tonight....reminder....the process can take up to 45 minutes and during this time the box will reboot multiple times...PLEASE..do not interrupt the process no matter how tempting...
Yep sorry I meant to give you guys a heads up for last night.
I will let you know when Epix goes live....
I was referring to the customer count. We are generally not included in their customer count and even then it would still be wrong with those numbers.
No that would just be bad reporting....
You will get the update soon however the email was intended for another group who had received the update. My apologies for any confusion that it has caused.
New Posts  All Forums: