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Please send me an email to BHNtechXpert@mybrighthouse.com include your WAN IP and/or Modem MAC address so I can check your equipment. I'll be in touch directly.
Okay so we get the tiers right Lite 768k 384k Std 10m 1m Turbo 20m 2m Lightning 40m 5m Email me your modem MAC and I'll take a quick look. What were you using to test speeds.
In a normal programming environment I would agree with you. In such cases more likely than not you're dealing with a common hardware platform and resources. With these boxes its multi vendor and resources and while the UI looks identical across the boxes (for the most part) the behind the scenes stuff couldn't be more different. And let us not forget those pesky quirks that all boxes come with that aren't in the manual. You can do all the testing in the world and still...
Just a heads up we will be updating ODN boxes in Pinellas and Manatee counties tonight late. As with all such updates your box will reset multiple times and be unavailable for about 20 minutes. Please do not interrupt the boxes during this time. Updating will start after 12am.
Like I said in my previous post. We do our best to make them meet the needs of the majority of users. Does that mean we succeed every time...nope. In such cases there are alternatives that might be a better match. Get yourself a cablecard and one of the alternative devices and be done with it. I'll warn you in advance though...they also come with their own headaches...this isn't a perfected science here despite everyones best efforts.
Thank you... you are very correct.
Hakemon if you don't watch much TV then why is all of this such an issue for you. The above conflicts with everything I've seen in the past two weeks from you. Scratchin my head.... And no we do not currently offer DTA's
I certainly respect your decision to do that. Maybe in your case the best solution is a DVR with more functionality such a TiVO or similar. Hakemon we do our best to meet the needs of most people but you seem to fall out of that category so you do have other solutions out there that you might want to consider.
What I am seeing so far appears to be related to the programming or guide info. We don't have much control over that aspect of things. Without a doubt not a software issue on the box. And yes the HDMI blinking should be a past memory now.
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