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I have sent you a PM.
LOL and you don't think I want it as well HD?
There isn't but many disagree. At least this way folks have a choice though.
March Madness Tips Off on Bright House Networks Let the madness begin! Bright House Networks is pleased to announce that every minute of this year’s entire 2013 NCAA Division 1 Men’s Basketball Championship tournament will be available to customers across four television networks, online at one single website, and via the NCAA March Madness Live App® at no additional charge. The 2013 NCAA Men’s Basketball Championship will be available through the following platforms: •...
When and if you are ready to come back let me know and I will make sure your wiring is taken care of and replaced as needed. We don't normally charge for this but it does require that we come out, install you and then determine what needs to be done.
Over a year ago. This is optional of course. You can bring your own modem/mta and avoid the charge entirely. The modem must be on our approved modems list which can be found here http://support.brighthouse.com/Article/Use-Own-Modem-With-RR-Service-9109/
There is another solution to this.... Find yourself some Windows Media Center Appliances or use your xBox as both will handle the DRM just fine.
Sure TiVo works fine.
These are reserved for WHDVR customers only...sorry.
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