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Kevin please reach out to me in our direct forums with the usual information. I need to examine your DVR. Also please track these oddities and add them to the thread you would be creating.Thanks...
Thank you all for sticking with us all this time
You have the dark (new) guide or the old guide still?
Very important announcement!! http://www.dslreports.com/forum/r27548322-Multi-Year-Deals-Signed-to-Carry-NFL-Network-NFL-Redzone
The discussion I quoted and responded to was for NFL Sunday ticket...
It's pretty pointless to argue about the NFL Network because DirecTV has a lock on it until 2015 and with the amount of money they pony up for its not likely any single cable provider will follow that path. Keep in mind that this is really all DirecTV has so its not likely they will give it up without a fight.
Honestly that is an entirely different group of folks. I will see what I can do but...
And take away something from you that you love and do so well....no way.
Great news and thank you for the update.
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