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Hmmm. Does it send tones to each one independently? I didn't change anything other than the plugin to get it to work One of the knowledgeable guys over at the home theater shack forums told me about this. Edit: actually this is how it was explained: the 4-way crossover is 1 in, 4 out. You are wanting to use 2 in, 2 out. So the 2-way plugin would be the one you need.
@saginaw - my Onkyo has dual sub preouts. When using the 4 way adv plugin I was only getting calibration tones sent to one sub when running audyssey x32. From what I gather, the 2 way adv plug is a "stereo" plugin so allowed both outputs to be treated independently. X32 ran perfectly with the 2 way adv plugin.
My pleasure. I know some of these more technical posts can get a little confusing. Glad to help out.
Interesting. I personally would have gone with "',.,.," although some around here would consider "----" to be better but most would agree that "!!!!" is arguably the best.
Hey Erich, have you thought about making these different enclosures for the 12, 15 and 18 the same depth? Seems like it would be easier from a cut stand point (all use the same bracing). The guts of your designs always look awesome!
I say you leave the newspaper up the sides. Gives them that 80's graffiti break dance look
correct. i'm basically asking if I were to take his 20hz design and add an external extension to the port would it lower the tune? Just a brain storm, it'd be kind of neat to be able to do. It be pretty easy to craft a removable extension piece that fit onto the existing port exit. Make sense? like what if you took a sealed 5 cuft box and just drilled a hole in the top and attached a pvc pipe and had a completely external port? In that case, besides looking absolutley...
I have a potentially stupid question, bear with me, i'm trying to wrap my head around it... What happens if you continue a port length outside of the box? Say these ports are 44 inches long internally so it's tuned to 20hz. What if you took your design, stood it up so the port is firing towards the ceiling, and put a 6 inch (or whatever length) air tight "chimney" to extend the port and lower the tune if you wanted? would somehting like that work? You could have...
Did I, lol? Wouldn't surprise me. I'm one of those with an ATS so I've been modeling a few different versions around 6-8 cuft. I figured one out at 25w x 40h x 17d, front firing ports, even wrote up a cut sheet and now you come out with these.....The simplicity of putting these together without the mdf dust and inevitable miss cut on my part appeals to me.So....we talking two weeks out, or two months out on deliveries
I think you'd only be gaining a couple of db around 20-30hz going from 6 cuft to 8 cuft. it's not as much as you think. both tuned to 20hz for the sake of argument: If you tuned the 8 cuft a little lower, to say 18, then you'd sacrifice some upper bass to gain a little lower. Jumping up to the full marty gives a more noticable difference around tune, but now you're talking 11 cuft. I don't think the added cost of shipping and the size of the boxes would be worth it...
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