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Nice!!! Mine arrived yesterday and all I can do is stare at it and wonder how good it's going to sound since my house is doing some remodeling where this sub is going to live. I am hoping to get the chance to hook it up in a few weeks.
That sucks about your lady not liking the PC12NSD; that's an incredible sub. Honestly, I don't know if you would be satisfied going to an FV12 from your NSD as I believe it's capabilities are a good notch lower than what you have. You might have a better experience with the trade-in if you went to the Outlaw Audio LFM 1-EX that's on sale right now. It IS a little big, though, so keep that in mind. Best of luck! ***Disclaimer - I don't have any actual experience with the...
Just pulled the trigger on the LFM 1-EX. I was seriously considering the PC12-NSD, but this is just too good of a deal at $549 shipped. On a different note, anyone have a couch I can sleep on when I get kicked out of the house for it not passing the WAF test? I can cook a mean Top Ramen...
Not an expert with either of those subs but, from my reading and research, I would guess the LFM1-EX is the better bet here for the $550 price. I think if each of these were at their "normal" prices, then the FV12 might win in the bang-for-the-buck category while the extra cost for the LFM-1 is worth it to some for the slightly lower extension and port-tuning capability.
Like the title says, Outlaw is having a sale on the LFM-1 EX sub for $549 shipped. The sale ends on 1/30. Get them while supplies last... http://outlawaudio.com/products/lfmEX.html
SaviorMachine - Mind sharing the room size and system setup when you get a chance? I too am interested in this sub.
I would have guessed the PC12-NSD would have been "enough" for a 21x16x8 sealed room but I am not so sure it will give you what you are looking for if that room opens up as much as you make it sound. It will be a huge upgrade over your other subs for sure, though!
I second this!!! The hardest part of your project is filling that room with bass for your movies and music. In fact, I would start with the sub, then try to see hwo much you have left over for front speakers. You could probably go as low as Infinity P163's from Crutchfield for $85 a piece for the front three speakers and save the rest for your sub. Oh, and about your receiver question, check out the Onkyo TX-NR609. That should be plenty!
I have Rocksmith as well and it rules!!!So, like the others said already, do yourself a favor and return the Bose speakers. To put it politely, they are marketing garbage!A friend of mine had the Bose Acoustimass somethign-or-other and I was yelling at him for months to get rid of it. He finally listened to me after months of pestering and went with a KEF setup and he was blown away at the difference. If I remember correctly I had him purchase an entry-level KEF home...
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