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Nothing but shaft for me. I live in Jersey, which is where NewEgg is based out of. And Amazon already started charging us sales tax last year.
Can somebody post the content for those of us at work?
Set the delay to 75ms. SO much better - of course now I'm obsessing with getting it perfect but at least its not annoying anymore. Thanks so much !!!
Fantastic - I'l try the Auto Lip Sync first and see what happens.
I'm already calibrated w/ Audyssey (sp?). I just have to find the Lip Sync feature and turn it on. Never even looked for it before.Can somebody break down what the differences are for AMP Clear, Standard, and Smooth?
I have to find where this setting is on my Denon AVR-591. Thanks much.
You're probably right; I'm using some fairly limited motion processing settings on the TV. I noticed the less aggressive I got with them, the better the lip sync problem became.BTW, I used your online manual years ago when I first got my Denon. Thank you for positing it and being a active member on this board !If I DID want to have my AVR Delay it though, how could I do it? Where do I find that setting?
I now have this problem w/ my new Samsung UN60F7100 TV. I never had it before; why would I have a sync issue now after not having one w/ the old DLP or the 2010 Panasonic S1 Plasma I had on it for a time?Also, how do I get to this setting now that it appears I have to fool around with it?AVR-591
In continuing to read, I'm seeing that my lip sync issue could be the AVR I have? I have a Denon AVR-591. I've never had to set the sync before, why would I need to do so w/ this TV?
Does anybody notice lip sync issues w/ this TV? I THINK it might have something to do w/ AMP - the less I use AMP the more natural talking in general looks. I've been messing around w/ trying to get a little smoothing w/o sacrificing much; started with Blur 10 Judder 0 LED ON, now I'm just tinkering w/ Blur 7 Judder 3 LED ON.
New Posts  All Forums: