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Can someone tell me if it would be better to use a LV12r by itself, or use it WITH my older Velodyne 200watt 12" sub (DPS-12). I guess what I'm asking is whether or not the Velodyne, being a very average sub, would actually hurt the overall bass performance because of its limitations.
Any plans on releasing a ported 12" that is somewhere between the LV12r and Fv15hp pricing? It seems like there is potential there in the $800 range. Maybe a higher end driver than the current LV12r? 400-450watt rms?
Two f-12's (and save $100) or one SVS PB-1000?? What do you think?
This is good to know! I can't believe that Epson made such an amazing projector for under $3,000. They continue to impress. AND, I just heard that Epson is now the top choice for CE Pro installers, beating Sim2, Runco etc. Unbelievable!
How is the pixel density of the 5020? I have an LCOS projector and I'm interested in upgrading to this Epson. However, I sit close to a 123" screen and I would hate to be able to see pixel structure. So, if anyone has experienced either a Sony or Jvc projector, how does this Epson compare?
This threat died!!! Bring it back to life! Anyone on a replacement bulb? How long did your original last? I'm through about 700 hrs and it's still very very bright!
DD,This has happened to me several times too. I did not turn power off or touch the Darblet at all. It seemed to do this on it's own with absolutely no intervention by me at all. After it started resetting it's also doing a weird thing when I adjust the Darbee level. On the graphic (the top outline) it sort of flashes while on screen. Strange because I never noticed anything like this before.
The exact same thing happened to me which was the strangest thing in the world. This shouldn't effect the sound at all because it is coming into the chain after the receiver!! This was very odd to me indeed and got me thinking something was wrong with my receiver all of a sudden. The only way I could get any sound at all out of my receiver was to do a test tone. Ok, so my receiver is in good shape. What the hell? So I figured it had to be the Darblet and unplugged...
Thanks AVS for getting me my Darblet in only two days!! The upgraded shipping is much appreciated. After a month and a half it's finaly here!! AND, with new updates!
I finally got charged for my Darblet this morning!!! It must be shipping today! Finally the video enhancement gods have shined down on me lol
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