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bro, that sub is straight bad-azz!!!! read tons of great reviews on it! awesome deal for 1000w, 250w rms!
prietz, thanks, don't know why this site didn't come up when i searched. have to register to dl it..... is it just 2 channels? total of just 130watts?
just looked back at this thread......does anyone know the wattage total on this? 2 channel? googled, but couldn't find much
looking on bestbuy's site, all the head units are 50w x 4........ buying just a head unit won't do much to improve sound quality?
i see... so even if i got just a head unit, instead of an hd head unit, i wouldnt notice that much difference in audio when playing cd's? (or songs from a flash drive)
i have a base 2001 chrysler sebring sound system, no amp/sub/speakers were added to it. (the exact same factory based system when i bought it) if i purchase an HD radio and have it installed, will i notice a big difference in sound while playing cd's and listening to the radio??
my fault, i meant online bro. they may still have some in the stores
insignia doesnt make plasmas right now, just led/lcd......
thanks for the reply bro. yeah, this tv would just be very basic for me (hdtv and watching sports on hdtv).......never watch movies, dont even own a dvd player, lol
my fault, they do have 2 80" tvs. both by sharp. 1 is $4500 and the other is $5500
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