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Luis, I remember seeing a setting called "external music" - my guess is that this is enabling audio line in. I believe the cam will mix it with the sound from the built-in mic, so it isn't exactly what you're after, but maybe it will allow you to adjust the mix so that the mic is really low.
The M4x is a worthy upgrade to your HF10. See my other posts on this topic in this tread.
This philosophy makes sense - it's good for the consumer and good for Panasonic. Canon is at a disadvantage in this regard.
If you treat your gear carefully, a UV filter for protection is not necessary IMHO. It can actually degrade the image quality in some situations. That said, I can understand if you'd feel better with one. Since you mentioned lens, the "Digital Concepts" wide angle adapter which you can buy on Amazon for $16 is a must-buy.
Merely copying mts files into the Stream folder won't make it a valid AVCHD image - there are other files which need to match. iMovie is also very picky about this, as I recently learned. However, I read somewhere that you can use multiAVCHD (http://multiavchd.deanbg.com/) to author a valid AVCHD image from a bunch of mts files. I hope this helps.
I've had my M41 since late December and I am still getting around 112 min in record mode with a full charge. It sounds like your battery is defective.
I was using a borrowed HF11 for a month or two prior to getting my M41. The stabilization on the M41 is greatly improved over that in the HF11 - in comparison, the HF11 almost felt like it had no stabilization. The M41 has 3 IS modes - I've set mine to Dynamic IS, which is the default I believe.I have no idea if the IS is improved in the M52.
Yes, you can set the exposure to manual with the m41. When you do so the AGC Limit setting is disabled, which makes sense. I've been unable to find a way to display both the shutter and aperture when recording - unlike the old models, the M4xx series doesn't have a physical photo button.
To my knowledge, the M41 doesn't allow you to set the gain directly, however there is a setting to set the maximum gain to use (I believe the setting is called Auto AGC).
Wow, I know that many folks here as well as in the TM900 thread would be interested in seeing (or at least hearing about) the results of your comparison.Have you compared while shooting in 30p mode vs. 60i with the M41?It does take some getting used to, but I'm quite comfortable with it now. In fact I much prefer it to the old control stick interface on the HF10 - I can change shooting settings quite quickly now. Just remember that the touchscreen is pressure sensitive...
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