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I do think they could have done a better job with the layout. My wife for one does not like the fact that every now and then she accidently presses on the screen when trying to press on the buttons at the top. She thinks remote is too sensitive. I can agree with her when it comes to that.Also when you lay the remote down it is not flat so you need two hands in order to use it or it tilts.Other than that it is a nice remote. The charger and not having to point at the device...
While watching a movie today the screen started to flicker and became snowy but I still had audio. I went to the back of the 805 and wiggled the hdmi cable and picture came back on. Could the cable be bad?
For the most part maybe not however, I upgraded av's from the Denon 1611 to the Onkyo 805 and the sound is night and day even with the in ceilings. The bass is for sure very noticeable and clean.
Well in speaking about the amps in avr's I can say I hear a noticeable difference now that I have a different one. I had a Denon 1611 and when I listened close to reference I would have to turn it down because it was painful. Now that I have the Onkyo 805 I can listen at or close to reference without any issues and the system sounds nice with a punch.
$10,000 for the Ayre? I don't think so even if I was loaded with cash. For that price it better have a surveillance feature for my entire home with automation too lol.I much rather spend the $10,000 on quality speakers or even on a descent dedicated media room.
Yes I can however, I just want to calibrate without Audyssey to see how it may sound.
Right now I have my 805 calibrated with Audyssey but I might try to calibrate the 805 with an spl meter just for the fun of it to compare. If I try doing that will it mess up my current Audyssey setting? I know with the 805 there is no restore feature for Audyssey like with the current receivers.
Also make sure dvd player is set to Bitstream so the 805 can display the TrueHD, DTS MasterHD.
Can you leave the ultimate on the charging dock all night or do you have to keep an eye on it to not overcharge?
[quote name="Acousticality" url="/t/857502/the-onkyo-tx-sr805-thread/22800#post_24322731"]I have the Onkyo 805 and purchased the Pioneer SC-1323-K from Amazon and am currently hooking it up. To answer your question, I will say this, the Pioneer does have significantly more from an audio stand point on paper. For starters the major fact that it has True HD and DTS Master Audio HD is a huge difference from the 805 which only features Dolby Digital and DTS. The Pioneer has 3D...
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