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The HDHomeRun broadcasts on the network LAN so it is cross platform. I run on OS X as well, EyeTV is a Mac Only application. Silicone Dust, the developers of the HDHomeRun continue to manufacture and improve the HDHomeRun device, their latest release supports h.264 real time encoding and DLNA. From what I've heard EyeTV still recognizes the newer releases of the HDHomeRun as well.
I wonder if it is the hardware working with EyeTV. I have an HDHomeRun and I've never run into that issue.
Correct, this renaming problem is only an issue when doing live commercial detection. I've taken to detection during recording so I have at least a decent cut list when the show finishes. I'll then usually run another detection on the completed recording for a more accurate map. what issues are you encountering with the newer comskip versions?
When EyeTV starts a recording it puts it into the .eyetvsched container it created when the show was scheduled to be recorded. Once the recording is complete it renames the container to .eyetv. This doesn't break older versions of comskip because it keeps the file open however the latest version opens and closes the file as it works. Once the file location changes it breaks comskip.
My first guess is it doesn't like something in the name of the directory the file is in. I suspect the quote (") marks on the episode however the apostrophe may be the culprit as well. I know when I was recording "Whose Line Is It Anyway?" Wine barfed on the ?. On my Mac I've taken to hard linking the .mpg file into a different directory with a safe path. Partially for the weird character issue and mostly because EyeTV renaming the directory when the recording finishes...
I'm seeing a few of these as well. Currently it doesn't appear I'm missing anything of consequence. Missing information is a bit disappointing considering the TV Guide information is a paid service. Even more disappointing is there is no alternative.
I've watched a few 3D .mkv files off of my 2011 mac mini without any issues. As I understand it, it is mostly the responsibility of the TV to generate the 3D image by taking the side by side / over and under images and blend them into the generated 3D image.
Tomar, the etvcomskip encapsulates comskip in some applescripts and python stuff to integrate it with eyetv. comskip itself functions outside that environment. The newest versions are windows only but can be run quite successfully with wine.
There is a bit more discussion on this over on the comskip forums but it comes down to this as I can figure: In your EyeTV Directory a recording folder is created and used while the program is being recorded. While it is scheduled or being recorded it has a name ending of .eyetvsched . The moment that recording is finished EyeTV renames it to .eyetv. At that moment, newer versions of comskip suddenly can't fine the file because it now opens and closes the file rather...
I had this issue as well. My solution was to move the commercial marking file out of the EyeTV recording. If you dig around on the comskip forums you should find a thread talking about the output location of the skip file.
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