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Yes i used both ports, yellow hdmi means 'source incompatible' but it used to work so that couldn't be the problem. If i connect my pj with my AV receiver i don't get sound. When i unplug the HDMI the sound comes back.
The shop sent my pj to their repair center, so i'm going to call and ask what they fixed exactly. I personally think that they didn't repair anything. I have done a firmware update twice if i'm not wrong that should have resetted my pj to factory settings. And i have used different sources from 480p to 1080p
Hello, I recently bought a JVC DLA X3 but after 30 hours of watching I keep getting a blue screen when I use a HDMI source. It started with flickering, then it ended up with the blue screen. When I plug the cable i get a yellow HDMI written in yellow. I tried it with a short cable, with/without AV receiver but i couldn't get picture. I only get picture when i use component. I have also upgraded the firmware to 1.5 but it didn't help, I brought it back to the shop...
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