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Given your listening preference, the 2.2i would not give you what you are looking for when it comes to the voices sounding exciting.
Looking at the way the guy has cloth on top of the speakers to protect from scratching, they seem like well cared for. Someone should grab them, specially at that price. Of course better to negotiate further down.If someone can get those 3 speakers for $1k, that would be a sweet deal.There, that should bring the thread back up from page 2....
As the last 2 posters said, what you need is a sub. The receiver is not your problem.
Its great to have a list like this. I dont mean to derail this thread, but can anyone tell me what would the best "Bookshelf Speaker" from the above list of those ID companies (I know not all of them do bookshelves).
^ Batpig - Waiting to hear about your impressions on the X4000, whenever you get to set it up and listen. How is the sound? Any different/better/same as your earlier AVR?
Yes. You can toggle between xt32, byp l/r, flat and manual.
Did you try the Audyssey Bypass L/R Mode? This bypasses Audyssey on your 2.2is, but not your sub. You will notice more bass in this mode.4311 is quite sufficient to power the 2.4i.There is no need for external amplification if power is the only concern.If an amp can help bring the mids forward, that would be the only reason to use one.
hey norcal - how much did u get the 2.4i s for? I remember you getting the 2.2i s for a great price.
I wouldnt be too worried about the placement issue, but still a good decision to go with the 2.3i, if there is a plan of using them in HT.Plus with the money you save, you can use it towards a good sub.Having said that, the 2.4i for $1250 is still a decent deal. Which location is this?
Why did you rule out the 2.4i, if I may ask?If you are looking for "just" 2 channel, thats the better speaker. Its got a nice hefty bass which you will miss in the 2.3i.
New Posts  All Forums: