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yes, I am planning to bring them forward thanks for the tip.
Thanks jlpowell84, are they any settings you can recommend with out using Audyssey. Will it make sense to run the speakers on full band rather some frequency.
thank you
I have recently bought definitive 8060st towers with surrounds (8000 series). I love the sound so far. I have paired this with Onkyo TX NR 609. When I run the audssey setup, the front/center came to 40hz, surround 100hz and LFE 120 hz. Should i select full band of leave these settings. Also Level calibration is 5db (front left), 2 db(center), 6db (front left), 4db (surround right), 5 db (surround left), 15 db (subwoofer). I do not know much about what I get by adjusting...
Thanks to all for helping out. I bought the definitive speakers and they sound awesome. here are some pictures.  
sure will post the pictures
Thanks All, this forum is very helpful.
Thanks for all the recommendations. We have mostly decided to shoot over the budget and am seriously thinking about Definitive Technology BP-8060ST with Definitive Technology CS-8040HD and Definitive Technology SR-8040BP Bipolar surround speaker. we checked it out in bestbuy and really liked it. please let us know any cons if we go for this.
Thanks afrogt, great recommendations helped me a lot. I looked at super zero NHT the power handling is 75W. I have an onkyo TX-NR619 (100W power when used in 5 speaker config and 120W when used in 2 speaker). Will these speakers have any problem using them with onkyo?
How will Polk Audio RM705 be for replacement. It has glowing reviews on amazon and is around $200.
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