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New firmware is out, not sure if it's worth to upgrade This firmware improves the performance of RS-232 polling commands. This firmware also contains all previous fixes and enhancements. LC80LE632UA and LC80LE632UB models must use this firmware version. Version: 222U1302091 Date: 3/12/2013
If you don't like it, turn 120Hz off.
I'd return/exchange this TV. Sounds like intermittent problem that can come back at any time. Walmart has great deal on 70LE640, check their circular. I wish I could unload my 60" and go 70".
Costco will ship this TV appropriately, there is no reason to worry. Make sure you inspect TV for damages on arrival and power it on to make sure it works.
There are many settings already posted in this thread.
Make sure store you're buying it from has good return policy, most likely you'll be returning it. Besides lack of adjustments and wifi for whatever reason 600 picture overall is far from 640.
I'd stay away from 600U series
I get 5.1 through HDMI since TV is ARC compatible. You just need a modern receiver that supports ARC. All I know I used optical before and was always getting 2.1 displayed on the receiver.
welcome to the club! You will not be able to get 5.1 over the optical because of the standards limitation, this was discussed in this thread earlier. BTW I wouldn't consider this TV entry level in 60" Sharps. Sharp 60LE600 is but this one is completely different ball game.
Don't know about the Sony but own 60LE640U and really like it.
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