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I listed them a couple posts back but now have the panel brightness on mid and the "color" up to 60, that really seemed to help with everything looking gray but not as good as haveing the pannel brightness on high, it just really brings everything out.I think I'm going to have to just get it calibrated but the only place I know of is best buy.
I should say I have played around before and didn't notice such a dramatic difference as well as going through "cinema" and "THX cinema" and that didn't fix the dithering how ever bumping the panel brightness to mid on custom seemed to fix it ATM. I can still see it in black screens tho, not like true black but black screens generated in movies and games between scenes thats a little lighter.
Ok I think you guys were right... I'm playing MEtro 2033 now and High pannel brightness crushes shadow datail and amps up the ditering..... But how do I make it not look like crap in bright scenes on mid pannel brightness? Red Ferrari's look maroon and greens and blues all look gray, on Forza on sunny day tracks (most of them) everything looks dim and dull like its cloudy and the color between the grass and the gray track look a lot closer than when on high or on my ST50
I have it on THX bright room, i did bump the color temp up to normal, and its still doing it. And isn't 2.2 like the target gamma? I know you would need an actual calibrater to know the actual gamma of the display.
I've tried it on mid as thats where a couple of calibration reports have it and I think it looks like trash? Once I took off the AGC and black extension, moved the gamma to 2.2 and put the panel brightness on high it looked like my ST50, which I don't think has a panel brightness adjustment does it? Idk I'm messing with it right now and on Mid you get better shadow detail but it looks all washed out and pastel colored on high everything pops more?
I was wondering if the refresh rate was off or something in the sub-field drive was off making the sub-fields flash slower so there more visible? I got a pretty good video of it im going to upload and like to youtube or something
I searched all over to avoid a display model with burn in and now this......contrast 94brighness+2color 50tint 0sharpness 0color temp normalvivd color offcats offI was playing around with video NR but it didnt really help except on high and not by much I think its just a crossing over of what its mean for changing it alittleeverything else offpro settings pannel brightness highagc-0black ex off (turning these off really improved the stock picture)color gamut rec. 709...
Pretty sure, it even does it on blurays and only in certain colors and dim areas, and I can see the little pixles flashing green pink and blue. I'm sitting 6-8 feet away, I didn't think going from a 50" to a 55 would be that big of difference. Red Dawn was afull there were times only the people faces weren't dithering like crazy.
So I scored a 55" VT60 it probably has around 250 hours on it and I was originally concerned the blacks were not as good as my ST50 but they are better its just the black surround vs the gunmetal on the ST50 making it look that way but the dithering omg the dithering is about 1000x worse than on my ST50, unwatchable in dark scenes. When I originally got my ST50 I noticed the dithering but it eventually went away and I forgot about it until I checked and my eyes had to be...
The remindes me I want a good EQ, I mean some stuff has a 9 band graphic eq and them more receiver only had bass and treble.Well I want to be able to play music from a NAS through an app on my phone.
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