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Looking forward to receiving it! Thank you for your patience/working with me!
Payment sent! Can't wait for my new toy!
Sharp LCD 37D44U is less than 3yrs old and lost its power start up sequence. It powers up but then screen just goes blank -- very likely a minor repair via a circuit board as common with these sets. TV is cosmetically excellent shape -- can only offer for local sale/pick up in NY Long Island area. Serious inquiries please.
I have for sale a great TV solution for perhaps the kitchen/den/garage area. Its a SHARP 10" LCD with matching undercabinet mounting bracket made exclusively for this TV! Bracket alone when purchased new was almost $100 plus the TV at $400 Of course TV prices have come down but you will not find a good 10" set like this suitable for under cabinet mounting. Will ship for a flat additional price of $25 w/insurance via FedEx.
Have for sale (2) brand new Salamander Designs Synergy S20 doors that are black in color with the frosted glass feature. They are still in somewhat original packaging, was going to use in my setup but configuration needs did not require it. They retail for about $119+ EA, a bargain here for $175 + $20 shipping via FedEx ground. By chance are you looking for the Synergy Glass shelf??? I have (2) of them for sale @ $49 EA
It is a joke in how they play with the pricing -- I lost $200 by waiting SEVEN hours to finalize my order on Amazon! You see a good deal-- go for it!
Awesome! I am glad to have read many of the posts here on this set is JUST ordered it via Amazon -- crazy as it sounds the price went up $200 in the last 24hrs -- with PC technology the retailers KNOW how to monitor demand and thus on the whim increase the price! I got free24month financing for it so I went for it! Wish me luck!
I have to agree with you-- this is the best time to buy a replacement/new HDTV. Here is a weird thing that just happened to me.. was ready to hit the "Place Order" button on Amazon but decided to wait overnight (it was getting late). I got up early to finish up my order business and there it was a $200 INCREASE! I shot an email to them and hours later they confirmed it was an accurate jump in price (Panasonic plasma btw). I went to other website and there it was again...
As many of you may know this time of year the deals for previous year models get reduced! With that said, I am going for it -- Panasonic PC60GT50 unit discounted now to less than the $1700 by the national big giant online retailer (not to endorse/advertise the name here). Based on what I have read here I think I will be happy with this set. I am finally retiring my Fujitsu 50" unit after a great 6+ years of trouble free service. It is still working, no issues...
[SIZE]3[/SIZE] Greetings --- due to financial obligations my audio gear is being parted out. Have for sale here is a very like new Dynalab MD90 T high-end FM tuner as shown in the picture. Well cared for, smoke/pet-free environment. Very little use, primarily a "weekend" piece of a couple hours. Out of the box about 7 months now. Full warranty card/registration/manual intact. Will be shipped professionally by FedEx as original packaging not available (paid by...
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