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Get the PB-2000 is he has the room for it. I'm assuming he does since the PB12 NSD is basically the same size. If he's not going to be able to crank it and really let it do it's thing, get the NSD and save some money. I have a PB-2000 and I love it! Haven't heard the NSD so I cant comment on the differences.
Another suggestion I just though of: just calibrate everything like I did and................JUST CRANK IT UP!!! :D:D
Hey Hamptons!A lot of people replied with suggestions and I say try all of them out. When I first set up my sub, I adjusted the volume on the sub in order for the AVR trim to get as close to 0 as possible. At the 11:58 position of the volume knob, the trim was -.5db. That was close enough to 0 for me. I adjusted it to my liking afterwards and haven't reran audyssey since. I just turned the trim up to +2.5db where I still have it. I do remember reading that having your trim...
Glad I could help!! As far as the volume goes, I watch movies around -10db, so it is fairly loud already. If u don't listen that loud, I say really try turning the trim up a lot to see if that gives you the kind of bass you want at your desired listening level. Let me know after you play around with it, and if you get it right.
Hey Hamptons!I think you remembered a bit incorrectly. I have my crossover set to 90Hz for all of my speakers. I use this crossover for all content. I never changed it after I found 90hz to suit my preference during initial setup. As far as volume goes. I have the volume knob set at a little bit before 12 o clock. 11:58 I would say to be exact. I have the sub trim on my avr set to +2.5db. My review post details all of my other settings (lfe, low pass etc). Keep in mind my...
Totally agree!!! That's why I was disappointed with Gears of War. I mean it did come out a few years ago, but still haha I want content down to 20Hz AT LEAST in my games going forward. Some horror games could benefit greatly from
Hey Guys! I have yet another update on my SVS PB-2000: I'm been playing xbox 360 a lot lately. Me and my friend got in a Gears Of War 3 Horde mood. I had my subs trim at +1. I was disappointed by the LFE in Gears of War 3. I cranked my subs trim to +2.5db and that is where I still have it. It sounded much better. The Silverbacks mini gun is such a pleasure to fire. The extra weight this sub adds is great! I was really expecting devastating LFE from GOW, but it just isn't...
Ill try to check it out. I remember seeing the film in the theater and I really didn't like it. If it sounds awesome I might sit through it again
Really??? Welp, I might just have to spend the $10 and pick it up. Does it struggle at all?
Hey Francis,I haven't listened to any of those movies on my PB-2000. I don't see myself checking any of them out any time soon unless they are at the redbox. I have listened to the entire transformers trilogy however, and those films sounded awesome with my PB-2000. I could not hear any distortion or port chuffing coming from my sub. I listened at -10db on my Denon 1713, so it was pretty loud. I can't confim if there was no port noise whatsoever, or if the other sounds...
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