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That amp also cost twice as much as mine, and my amp is perfectly acceptable 95% of the time for my livingroom setup.Now, when I build a dedicated room, we may be having a different conversation as I'm willing to put a little more dough into the amps for that room.
Well, I finally found my copy of WOTW, played the pod emerging scene and I was watching at -25, clipped my amp hard but it only cut out for a brief second then went right back to action. So I got up and lowered the attenuators two clicks, played the scene again at the same volume and no clip or cutout occurred. Bass on receiver is set to -8db. The volume on this movie is pretty loud in general and I have no reason to watch any louder than -20 on the receiver. I guess I'll...
A little off topic here, but related to this and other pro amps...I see all these amps with varying sensitivity like 1v at 4ohm load. Meaning that they are capable of making full power when fed a signal of 1v and driving 4phm load. Does this requirement go up or down as load increases or decreases? Do they require more voltage at 2ohm?
No sine waves, but I have played some pretty low movie content at high volume levels. Transformers, Blackhawk down, etc
I'm running my amp 2ohm stereo. No limiters on. It's being fed signal directly from my Marantz receiver.
I have an XLS1500 and I haven't noticed anything like what you're experiencing. This post got me looking for my copy of WOTW, and of course I cant find it...Definitely tuned in to this post so that I can hear other responses.
This is coming from a guy that loves to buy tools...And I also think track saws are really cool. Unless you are making beveled cuts, a track saw is useless for building speakers. I'm sorry, but I just could never justify the cost of a track saw when I can build and use a shooter board and still get the same kind of accuracy that a track saw would give...and a shooter board costs nothing if you have scrap ply laying around. I use two of the below pictured guides, 1 - 4'...
I built my boxes a little on the large side based on recommendations for the amount of power I was throwing at them. I was told that if I used an amp with more power than my Crown XLS1500, then I should build to a smaller spec. Something more in line with the 1.25 or so size. By the way, this is really good info, thanks for sharing Bill. I'm thinking about a new ported build for these subs and I may lean on your expertise when I do. I was also thinking about doing a horn...
You're right, I should learn more about the software! I have WinISD but I'm not very proficient at it. I can enter all the data and build a box, but I have no idea how to really use the program to its fullest... That said, I just entered all of my specifics into the program and it gave me a Qtc of 0.61. Is that good or bad?
Bill, that's an excellent question. I'm not quite sure what the Qtc of the cabinet is. I have a pair of the following - two Infinity 1260's in a single sealed enclosure that is 4 cuft. I took recommendations from others on cabinet size so I didn't do the modeling myself. How would I go about calculating the Qtc of the cabinet?Driver specs were as follows:VOICE COIL DCRESISTANCE: REVC (OHMS) . . . . . . 3.59VOICE COIL INDUCTANCE @ 1KHZ: LEVC (MH) . . . . . . . 2.89DRIVER...
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