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Okay, cool. Actually got mine in the mail today and think I have everything set up right. Now I've just gotta decide which console to get.
The HDHomerun can't be used to watch live tv on the PS3 you mean? The only thing I want it for is to allow me to record shows on my PC and then stream those shows to devices later using PS3 Media Server.
Well the majoity of my gaming would probably still be through the PS3 as that's what I've built up and have all my games for right now. If I got an XBox and read that a particular game was better on the XBox I would buy it for that system in the future, but I'd pay for a live subscription either way to access ESPN3 and play what few games I did get with the XBox. Another thing I don't like about the XBox is the 4GB of memory. I know you can add a HDD, and I may not even...
Well I agree that it kinda sucks to pay for a Live subscription to use ESPN3. I have a laptop that I could hook up to the tv to watch ESPN3 on. The point was not to have to drag a laptop around to a room everytime I want to watch a game on tv. If I get two PS3s I'll have to take the laptop into whichever room I'm in to watch ESPN3. If I get an XBox360 I can keep the laptop hooked up to the tv in the living room where the PS3 is and just use the ESPN3 app on the XBox in...
Definitely don't want to pay for sports highlights. I want to watch live sports. What sites are you talking about?
Damn you! Just when I had my mind pretty much made up on a second PS3 you remind me of the one damn thing that is keeping the XBox in the conversation for me... ESPN. Especially with football coming up.
Just out of curiousty though... why does the XBox suck for local media streaming? What makes you say that?
Ah, gotcha! Thanks for clearing that up. I'm definitely not interested in an HPTC for precisely the reasons you bring up. I do have quite a bit of movies and downloaded content that would be nice to stream in the bedroom, which sounds like the PS3 would be better for. But the XBox does have some online stuff I like, for instance the ESPN3. I could hook a laptop up through HDMI, but again, this goes back to user friendly issues. I guess I just need to weight those two...
As far as rewinding and fast forwarding goes, I just use my PS3 remote and I do it no problem currently.
As far as the HPTC goes, I'd rather have a PS3 or XBox to play games with. The streaming is the main priority, but gaming would be nice also. I've already been streaming downloaded files from my PC in the office to the PS3 in the living room for a couple years using PS3 Media Server. I think either option in the bedroom would work using the same setup. The issue I guess really comes down to is it worth it to have the ESPN3 app and some of the different aspects of XBox...
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