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My Samsung hw-d450 sound bar wont connect to the wireless sub woofer. It just says check link but the light is blue as it should be.any suggestions?
I've lost my wall mount bracket that came with my Samsung soundbar.Does anyone know any reasonable places to get a replacement? Thanks
Has anyone heard this soundbar? Any good?
I've got a Sony kdl 32s3000.it has the old standard red and white connection.if I connect this to the 3.5 aux port on the soundbar will the quality still be good?
Hi, My tv has no digital audio output but is a digital tv wierd. It has 3 hdmi inputs but can I connect a soundbar to it through these? I thought it would be ouputs that are needed. There is a 3.5mm output socket but will the quality be poor with this? Thanks, B
Hi, Im looking at purchasing either the Samsung HW-D450 or the Philips HTS 5110/12. Can anyone help me make up my mind please? Does anyone use these soundbars? what is the quality like especially with the Philips one as I can only find it online and not in a store. Thanks, B
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