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Fans aren't even an issue compared to the buzz. Just put some slides up (I'm at 85 hours) and the buzz on the white slide is super loud and the buzz on a dark grey slide is not even present. Is that normal?? Goes from super loud on white to nothing on grey dark grey. Then nothing during regular scenes but once bright scenes comeOn it buzzes. Heard up to 7-8 ft away. I don't understand. Am I the only one experiencing this? I don't see how anyone in here deals with this buzz...
Just sucks to have something great but this buzz just takes away everything. It's absurd how everyone can enjoy their sets but me. I'm starting to think they have my picture up at Panasonic that says sell this guy all the defective ones
Thanks for the compliment
Nah I'm good thanks for your time though. I've learned it's better off to just leave this place alone if you want friendliness and sanity
I'm crazy your arrogant so I guess were all just peas in a pod. Dennis and Pie own F8500 and +1 each other...how cute
It's funny to see how many people got at me about returning sets for actual defects or damages. You guys really should check out the F8500 thread...every other post is a return or a swap because of defects.(obviously exaggerating but there's a lot) Every time I look in there, someone returned or had there set fixed r swapped. Thank god we only had fan noise which only lasted a few months until Panny implemented it themselves. Exactly why I didn't go with Samsung. I would...
Welcome to America...I can't marry a woman who doesn't understand accuracy and prefers LCD PQ wise...money wise that's a different story
My god Panasonic just go back to making plasma please. Just put a VT series back in production. They would sell like hot cakes man
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