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Thought you guys might like to take a look at this, it was just posted to my FB page. http://www.projectorreviews.com/jvc/jvc-projectors-e-shift2-demonstration.php
Thanks Class A. I don't live in Nashua any longer so I wasn't up on the latest news.
Ensemble closed their doors last month. Last summer when I was in their shop, John told me they were no longer carrying Aerial. Go to the Aerial Acoustics website and go to their dealer locator, there's two places listed in Mass.
Are you talking about Nashua, NH?
Thank you for the chance to win. http://www.avsforum.com/lists/display/view/id/3403
Stewart told me if you find you have too much backdrop you should fully lower the screen and let it hang at least once a week.
If I understand you right, you would run the left line feed from the preamp to one amp and the right line feed to the other amp? Would you then Y the feed into each amps right and left inputs?
The 20T's for the past few years have been listed in Stereophile magazine as a top pick in high-end speakers, the 7's too. The 7's are advertised and reviewed a lot as a great speaker. I bought the 10t's when they were on top of the speaker review list. They now say the 7's are better than the 10's, but I haven't heard a bad Aerial speaker, I can't afford the 20's. I worked in Mass. and had the pleasure of sitting in on a speaker demo with Michael Kelly. With the right...
Need some help from the experts, will this work and is it bi-amping? The Onkyo Integra amps have dual power supplies, the right and left channels are completely separate from each other. I have three of these amps (winners of the Golden Ear Award), they are old but goodies.
I just found this thread and just had to post a couple pictues of my Aerial speakers. I'm running a 9.2 system using an Integra 80.3 A/V Receiver, Sunfire Cinema Grand Signature Amplifier fed from the pre-outs of the 80.3 and two Onkyo Integra power amps fed from a Parasound pre-amp for 2 channel. I'm using Audio Quest Valcano speaker cables. Aerial SR3 with DIY acoustic panels Aerial CC3 and Aerial 10T's in Santos Rosewood Newer picture, I'm waiting for my screen
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