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Thanks for the reply!!!
Hate to reply to an old thread but I need help. I was wondering if the LCD Displays are interchangeable between a LNT 4661 and a LNT 4671. I have a 4671 with a cracked screen and I can get a 4661 that has a good screen and just needs a video board replaced. Thanks
For everyone out there with an issue connecting PS3 to a TV here is how I remedied my issue. connect PS3 to TV. Change TV to input that PS3 is connected to. make sure PS3 is turned off. Hold power button down on PS3 until it turns on and then turns back off. This forces the PS3 to sync. Hope this helps someone. Now my last issue is getting my PC to sync with my TV. I am using a MSI Radeon Geforce video card and connecting it to the TV via HDMI. If anyone has any input...
Also, just tried the PS3 connected via component cables and no luck. Hope someone can give me some insight.
PhilipsPhanatic, I must have missed it. I have spent the better part of the day combing this thread and have not seen anything that relates to my issue. I hope you or someone else with expertise can help. The issue is that I can not connect my PS3 or PC via HDMI if i connect my 360 to the HDMI cable it plays so it is not the wire or port, it is a handshake issue. Also if I connect my 360 via component cable all I get is sound and no picture. Any help is much appreciated.
Philips 42PF9630A Got it at a recycle center It was free!! Had to do a little work on it but got it working
Hi guys, Got a quick question about a 42pf9630 I saved from a recycle center. I took it home, got it to power up after replacing 2 caps on the power-supply and upgraded it to the latest firmware. I am able to get video through the coaxial and the side video input, however, when I try to plug in my 360 or ps3 through the HDMI or RGB inputs I can't get a signal. Any suggestions? Thanks for any help.
Solved my problem by switching from a 1GB USB stick to a 128MB... seems the TV doesn't like large USB sticks.
Any suggestions on what I can do? I think it is just frozen.
Hello to all. I am new to this forum and thank you guys and gals for all your input here. I have a question about a plasma tv that I have recently come to acquire. I found this TV at a recycle center and brought it home. I powered it up and got 7 blinking red lights so I googled it and replaced 2 caps and whaalaa! New TV for a few bucks!. Now I noticed that the TV was on 1.0.2 firmware so I downloaded 1.6 from the Philips site and am now in the process of updating and it...
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