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Be the envy of all your friends with a TRUE, AUTHENTIC home theater! A few years ago, my boss bought an old movie theater for use as a store in Purcellville, VA. Along with the purchase came two vintage Simplex 35MM film projectors. The pieces were manufactured between 1939-1945 in the USA. The antique age of the projectors certainly shows with the use of cloth wiring, the art deco design, and the fact that copper rods are needed to light the projector. (Most cinemas...
Canada is a little out of my league Perhaps our northern brethren might be interested, especially with those worthy mods.Trust me though, finding a younger whippersnapper to share this hobby with is much more preferable to parting it out. Were I in the same situation, I would rather give something like that to a friend who would enjoy and use it than take it apart.
I've read about how some gamers prefer direct view CRT televisions because of lower lag times. These older televisions do less processing versus LCD units which scale and manipulate the image before displaying it. What is the word with CRT projectors and lag time? Does it depend on a direct connection versus using a processor in the chain? Also, are there any inputs that might work SLOWER or FASTER than others? I know HDMI has had issues with audio syncing.
I remember reading about this external amplifier designed to complement high end ProLogic AV receivers so one could proces Dolby Digital with their older existing system. The company went under but the product idea seemed pretty cool (akin to HDfury for Video). Anybody know what this product was called? Think it came out around 99.
What are the default RGB focus settings in the service menu? Just got back into town and realized my reds were unfocused. The center is okay but the sides are out, particularly the bottom left hand corner. Yes, I've already tried the main focus adjusts.
100-250 seems reasonable. If you invite a a few people down at the same time to look at it, you are more likely to get a reasonable price you want due to the increased competition. Be sure to have several facts on hand - how many hours are on it, does it throw a good picture, what kind of burn in does it show, what extras does it come with, etc. Doing some homework on these topics helps. Craigslist and VideoGon are probably your best bet. Ebay is a no go. Even though...
Dang, your neck of the woods too. I can feel myself wincing at that steal too. Don't worry - at the rate these things are popping up it just takes some time. I was hoping to buy a Barco off a guy in Richmond but that did not pan out the way I wanted. In the end, I turned up very happy with my current Electrohome so just keep at it.
Kblarg, there is a guy down in Newport News who posted a while back that is selling a G70 with tubes he put back in a few years ago. Don't remember the hour count. He wanted $1,000 for it a few months back. Perhaps you could talk to him.
Whoa - totally awesome ! You make something very very very creative with that. Does it display one uniform image split among the screens and can they each display separate images? If you are not sure yourself, contact a local art school or art academy. I'm sure many art students and video professionals could create a beautiful video project out of something like this.
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