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This blu ray set has 3 different versions of close encounters on blu ray. Not a bad deal at all.
Someone asked about the availability of this player at costco. I saw large pallets full of multiple 2011 players. So, it may be some time before costco stocks 2012's.
Very interested in how sacd sounds with the sony.
The title is horrid. It evokes images of Jimmy Carter, and peanuts and his goofy brother.
It really does look like a showdown between the sony 590 and the pan. x20 for those interested in a new player! Sony has better file support, but you are burdened by cinavia. Pan. has superior video processing, but limited file support and a still glitchy netflix platform. We'll see which player wins the popularity contest in the months to come....
Tricky question. They're forcing the consumer to pay for memory, but also offering additional flexibility in file playback with usb and sd card slots. FYI, I've tried 3 different usb flash drives without success on a panasonic 2011 blu ray player.
Is this the 6 pack version? It looks great.
After reading so much about frame interpolation recently, I now have a better sense of why I never became an avid film goer--the judder was just horrible to look at! That, and the obscenely loud sound levels often made movies come across as trashy attempts at sensory over-load; the visual and sonic equivalent of a greasy double cheeseburger with fries! I have a 60 hz tv, and set my blu ray player to output at 24 fps depending on the source. Even without this setting,...
I love me some Spartacus, but the episodes are starting to become a bit formulaic and predictable. 1. spartacus is tempted to indulge in blood lust. Thinks about it. His potential victim assumes he will kick ass. Spartacus says he can't, 'cause it's not the right thing to do. Walks off. Gives mini-sermon on 'doing the right thing.' 2. one of spartacus' followers is tempted to betray him. They think about it. They decide against it. They fall back in line. 3. Mira...
1. the film's total gross is now $180 million. This film will make a lot of money. Relax. 2. the 3D looked great to me. 3. the CGI is also excellent. It doesn't push the envelope the way that avatar did back in '09, but the fx are still spectacular. 4. some of the panoramic shots are simply not very convincing; actors and creatures far off in the distance are shown in high resolution--they should look a bit blurry from a vantage point hundreds of feet away....
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