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If the game were realistic, we'd only die once. If we were lucky enough to merely be wounded, depending on the extent, we could go through 6 months of in game physical therapy before we returned to the front lines. The riot shield certainly has weight, unless it's a lack of aerodynamics. While I would like to see quickscoping abolished due to its lack of realism, I would like to have a jetpack come in a care package.
It seems the only thing they don't Nerf well are the sniper classes. They don't want us to take advantage of any exploit or glitch, yet a quickscope is an exploit and when I die from a hitmarker a virtual foot from my head, well, that's a glitch. I could deal with quickscopers if they fixed the lag problems and shooting blanks problems.
You are right to an extent, I don't believe our intention was to mock and belittle him though. It's the idea of the outlet cover that seems way out there. Perhaps every little idea does add up.I recall inquiring whether or not the back of a speaker box being slightly recessed from its sides, top, and bottom could cause unnecessary resonance. The answers I received were no, and not enough to tell a difference. I feel an outlet cover would fall into that category.
I can't believe how much effort, and how much money can be spent on sound absorption. For the ultimate in room treatment, head over to your local landscaping retailer and pick up a few bushels of straw and some landscape netting. Use the netting to keep the straw in place on your ceiling, walls, and floor. C'mon, clear coat and stain for outlet covers? Ridiculous! Everyone should have the common sense to realize that linseed oil is the most advantageous.
70w 5.1? I'd recommend checking out some of the advancements in a/v receivers at your local retailer. Multi-zones allow you to expand your audio to multiple locations throughout your home, I believe you can also listen to separate sources. You can also clean up some cabling by connecting all your Hdmi sources to the new receivers. Check out some with audio return channel. If you find a network a/v receiver, there is likely an iOS or android based app that you can control...
http://www.parts-express.com/project...ofer-projects/ Check out "the boogieman", just a thought for a non-invasive sub. You all can say whatever you like about what the wife is making him do, all I hear is," honey, I think you need to go shopping for more audio equipment." Good luck!
You didn't mention anything about style. A stand of most specifications should be fairly easy to find or build.
You have a surround sound in your bedroom, that is freakin awesome!
First, yes I did do a quick search for some opinions on these on this forum but came up empty handed. I'm wondering what the community thinks of the klipsch synergy series in general. Pros and cons. Thank you!
You mentioned "an Hdmi cable", was it the same one your friend was using? If you currently have a working ps3, record the precise buttons you push to get to the display area and mimic those on your non functioning unit. Also, if you discover it was simply a faulty Hdmi, you should let your friend know. However, that's none of my business. Best of luck
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